Recurse Center

Posted on 2019-05-01

I was accepted to the Recurse Center! I’ll be attending from May 20 2019 to August 8th 2019, I’m excited!

The Recurse Center encourages blogging to help attendees solidify what they’ve learned (and I suspect to get the good word out about recurse center)

So it’s time to resurrect my blog, check all the features, and put up some content!


Wait, why would I want to attend summer camp for nerds when I have more than twenty years professional experience writing code?

Because there is so much more to learn!

Additionally, my previous job caused me much stress at the end, and I’d like to take a break from external expectations. Recurse Center is also a great social hack where I can spend twelve weeks on self study, and future employers won’t ask me why I have a three month hole in my employment history.

The Plan

My rough goal is to get sufficiently good at writing Haskell that I can get a job writing Haskell after my batch at recurse center.

That means my overall plan is to

  1. complete the qfpl fp-course
  2. attempt to rebuild my ancient project idea Fermat’s Last Margin
  3. make sure to spend time pairing with others on their projects!

One of the points from the recurse center manual is “develop a good mental model of your code”. I want to extend that to my learning, so I plan to try different approaches, and at the end of each week, figure out which practices are teaching me the most.