blogging with emacs' org-mode

Posted on 2019-05-02


If you use emacs, you should try org-mode!

I worked at my last job just under four years, and in that time I accumulated 67,000 lines of notes in my employer related org files. Due to my copious note-taking, I became the team historian, always able to provide details on what we did years earlier.

I started using org as a simple todo list. Then I started clocking in to each todo item and that turned into feedback loops to figure out why some things took so long.

Below is test input for org-mode posts with hakyll, most of this learned from turbomack’s post.

myid :: a -> a
myid a = a

This is bold italic code verbatim and strike text formatting.

head 1 head 2
some other
thing here

tables need better css here.